Belly-busting action plan: LOSE YOUR BELLY with RESISTANCE TRAINING

The more lean muscle mass you carry, the more calories you’ll burn just by doing everyday things. This doesn’t mean you need to be built like Arnie but building some muscle tissue is good for your fitness. The most effective way to train with resistance equipment and burn body fat is a total body circuit (see panel, below).

You can incorporate this routine into a five- times-a-week schedule which includes the cardio workout we have seen in the previous pages or you can read more about the clenbuterol weight loss A sample week’s training plan is shown right. If you can’t spare the time for five times a week, do one day of resistance training and two days of cardio work. And if you don’t like gyms, most of this circuit can be done at home with a Swiss ball and basic dumb-bell set.


When training the whole body, you should work-on a BCLASS format:healthy weightloss clen diet

1) Stomach Medium-width grip Crunches front pull-downs Knees to chest with
2) Chest Swiss ball Press-ups V-sits.
3) Legs Stomach hardening Swiss ball squats Step-ups Power pump.
4) Arms Biceps curls Triceps dips

Aim to do 20 to 3o reps on each with your only rest time being the journey from one station to the next (around 3o seconds). At the end of each set, the muscle group being worked on should feel close to exhaustion. It’ll take a little trial and error to find the weight and clen dosage you are comfortable with on each station.

At the end of each BCLASS circuit, break for about 60-90 seconds. This will give you enough time to drink some water and stretch the muscle groups that have been worked. Then do another two circuits in the same way.

In a busy gym, it might not possible to do the circuit in the order given, so feel free to skip if that station is occupied and come back to it later. As your fitness and stamina improve add one or two more laps onto the circuit and decrease your rest time between each lap.

Drink a strong coffee just prior to a workout. Caffeine raises the metabolism together with the clen pills, helping weight loss. It will also give you a mental buzz, putting you in the right frame of mind for your training session.

8 Pizza ploys For toppings, make a rule of adding two vegetables for every fattening option. This way you allow yourself the things you want while loading the pizza up so you won’t eat as many slices. This can spare 125-175 calories. Vegetables also decrease the amount of fat your body has the chance to absorb as the fibre speeds the food through the digestive process. Lastly, use your napkin to blot the oil off the pizza. You can drain up to one full teaspoon of oil off each slice, saving 4o calories worth of fat.

Know your limitations

Brussel sprouts may be good for you, but only if they make it past your lips. Don’t force yourself to eat healthy food that you don’t like – this only sets you up for failure. Instead, stick with fruit and veg you know you’ll eat, even if it’s a limited few.

Game on

weight stipping drugs

When it comes to meat, the fewer legs the animal had, the more fat you’ll spare yourself. Go with fish first, then poultry. If you have to have pork or beef, look for the leaner cuts. Trim as much fat as you can and you’ll kill another hundred-plus calories.

Hold the mayo Switching to ‘fight’ mayo can save up to 88 calories per tablespoon. Opt for a sandwich that features this, or, even better, doesn’t contain any.

Avoid fad diets as it contains more fibre

What’s right for Jennifer Aniston is and roughage. low fat (read: high sugar) biscuits and cakes not right for you. A protein heavy diet, for example, will mean your body is not getting enough glycogen from carbohydrates and your brain will turn to the protein in your muscles to get it… resulting in lost muscle tone.

Invest in a new non-stick pan

Simple but sensible — if the pan you use to fry stuff needs less oil to stop things sticking then less oil goes down your throat. Each tablespoon avoided is 100 calories saved.

Chew on it

It takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that your stomach’s full. If you eat too quickly, you won’t feel full until it’s too late.

Go wholegrain

Research shows that doubling the fibre in your diet can reduce the amount of fat and protein you absorb from other foods you eat. So to balance your avocado addiction have it on toast made from whole grains

Eat less sugar wile you are on clen cutting cycle. Too much sugar causes your insulin levels to rocket, which then
tells your body to stop metabolising fat.

Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep your feet together, back straight and chin off your chest. Lower yourself down until you are two inches from the floor then push up until your arms are straight.

Place a Swiss ball against a wall then lean against it. The ball needs to sit just under the shoulder blades. Position your feet in front of you about shoulder-width apart. Squat down until your legs are parallel to the floor then return to the start point. Don’t lock at the knee joint, and repeat the movement immediately. This will keep tension on the muscle and increase intensity.

Stand straight facing a sturdy bench or step. Place one foot on the bench then step up the other foot. Step down so that both feet are at the start point, and repeat. Alternate the lead leg with every other step.

Healthy live and good food

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Keep your back straight and your stomach pulled in. Hold a medium-weight barbell with a shoulder-width grip and your arms fully extended. Bending at the elbows, curl the bar towards your chin, then lower to the start point.

Sit on the edge of a bench with your hands either side of your hips. Place your feet flat and in front of you. When in position, slide forwards so your arms take the weight of your body.

Bending at the elbows, lower yourself down until the tops of your arms are parallel to the ground, then push up until your arms extend. Use the same principle with the dips as you did for the Swiss-ball squats.

Jog four 10-minute miles play tennis for 50 minutes Play golf for an hour and 10 minutes
Play basketball for 5o minutes Pedal a bike at lomph for an hour Play footie for 45 minutes
Walk briskly for just over an hour Drink some miso (Japanese-style clear) soup or a cup of tea (ideally green) about 3o minutes prior to eating. Drinking hot water in any form helps slow down the acid production within the stomach when it’s empty.

Watch your hunger levels

It’s an obvious, but essential, truth that you should never go food shopping when you’re feeling peckish. Eat an apple before you go to the supermarket or out on the town — either way you’ll end up eating less food in the long run.

Consult your woman

Women are usually more well-versed in nutrition and make better decisions when it comes to what they eat. So why not take a leaf out of her book and the right clenbuterol dosage for women? Provided you’re not paired off with Waynetta Slob, that is…

Lie flat on a mat your head with your hands and keep your elbows pressed back. Raise your head an shoulders off the ground , then lower yourself. Keep your chin off your chest and make sure your movement is slow and controlled.

Sit with your backside half on and half off the end of a bench. Grasp the bench firmly and lean back slightly with your legs pushed forwards. Now crunch your knees and upper body inwards to form a V shape. Then lower your upper body and legs to the start point.


CONCEPT Hydrophobia’s impressive Hydro Engine makes it unique. Water will be the game’s centerpiece, playing a part in both combat and puzzle solving.

“Water its living strength first show. When obstacles its course oppose”

Air, fire, earth and water. The elements have always proved a tricky proposition for developers, at least since we entered the current generation. Back in the days of B­and 16-bit gaming, fire was represented by a red pit – falling into which meant instant death – while earth needed to be nothing more than the ground upon which you stood.

With the emergence of the next generation and photorealistic worlds with which to interact, garners have begun to demand more from their environments, while developers struggle to keep up. Fracture and Red Faction have continued the ongoing experimentation with terrain deformation and real-time destruction; Far Cry 2 attempted to create real fire that propagates in a lifelike manner; and air, despite its invisibility, has been incorporated into such games as Flower and Lost Winds.

Water has always been a demanding proposition. Its properties are chaotic, random and unpredictable. The tiniest disturbance can result in the most unexpected outcome, and waves, ripples, foam, spray, splashes, pressure and more must all be considered if it’s to Look believable. This is why water is often boxed in, safely contained, and kept separate from the player – even in modern games, falling into water can cause unavoidable death.

Dark Energy Digital, a new company just broken off from WSC Pool developer Blade Interactive, has made a rather brave decision: unleashing its torrents of water loose within Hydrophobia’s environments. A challenge indeed, but once you’ve seen the company’s proprietary Hydro Engine in full effect it’s impossible not to feel Dark Energy has risen to the task with an impressive degree of skill.

Even at pre-alpha stage, the fluid dynamics are remarkable, with surges of turbulent water swelling, shifting, heaving and flowing with incredible accuracy. Open a door that’s holding off a wall of water and it’ll spill out into the corridor as you’d expect, taking any objects not bolted down along with it – crates and various tools pitching around under the force of Hydro Engine’s advanced physics simulation.

Water pressure has also been calculated, meaning the might with which the liquid moves will depend on its environment. This also means that water is more than just a snazzy effect, it’s a game play mechanic integral to changing the way in which Hydrophobia plays out. Imagine an enemy patrolling past a large glass window: a few bullet holes will see the cracks begin to spread throughout the glass before the pressure causes the material to shatter, water smashing through and taking out the unsuspecting foe. Water will become more than just a part of the environment. With some clever level building and careful design, it will become a tool in your arsenal, a force of nature you’ll need to tame and bend to your will.

The knock-on effects of such game play mean no short cuts for the developers at Dark Energy Digital. Enemy Al cannot be scripted, because every possible outcome can’t be predicted, and previously dry areas become completely different once inundated with water Furthermore, the work required with regard to animation and control in such a volatile, erratic setting is huge. It’s something the developer of dota 2 beginners guide admits it’s still perfecting now – some levels continuing to surprise even after the hundredth play through. It’s one extremely complex element that affects everything else within the game.

So, if you were wondering why Hydrophobia has been off the radar since its initial announcement, it’s because of the attention to detail needed when water is unleashed and allowed free, unfettered movement within a videogame environment. Having decided upon the digital distribution approach, Dark Energy Digital is still toiling away in preparation for the first episode’s release later this year. The plan is to release Hydrophobia in three episodes across 12 months.

With its blend of player-versus-environment game play, philosophy-driven narrative, and extraordinary tech, Hydrophobia could easily be one of the most impressive downloadable games we see this year.